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Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk


Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk
Ruang BerkahPhoto Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk. Pixerist FX Pro adalah salah satu aplikasi android yang berfungsi dan bersaing sebagai aplikasi edit Foto. Pixerist FX Pro juga merupakan aplikasi yang basis sebagai foto ediot lengkap dengan fiturnya itu menjadi aplikasi begitu populer bagi para editor hp smartphone. kenapa pupuler karena fitur filter yang banyak macam nya dimana itu sangat digandrungi anak muda sekarang.  Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk adalah versi Pixerist Fx Terbaru apalagi sudah bisa di download dan juga yang saya share kali ini apps PRo nya
Screenshoot :
Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk

Download :

Fitur Fitur :
  • Multiple crop formats
  • The user is not tied to a square cropping format. There are 4 other formats other than the 1:1 square: 16 X 9, 9 X 16, 3 X4 and 4 X 3.
  • Full Screen preview
  • This is a simple feature not found in no other photo app. Clicking on the “Full Screen” button gives the user a clean big preview of the finished photo.
  • Zoom image feature
  • The user can zoom in the image to check how a filter is acting over some detail of the image.
  • Real thumbnails previews
  • What the user sees on the thumbnails is an actual miniature of the real image with the filter applied, not a tree or just a small crop of the original image. The user can have an exact idea of what the image will be after applying a filter. Thumbnails are a detailed menu of lots of possible variations.
  • Smooth and Easy to use interface
  • All the main buttons have captions. Although icons can be pretty obvious, sometimes they aren’t. So why not make the interface even more simpler to use ?
  • Consistent workflow
  • The user is free to begin working at no predefined order, for example by adjusting brightness and contrast, or applying a filter first. When the user is inside a module there are no other options that could generate confusion, only “Cancel” or “Apply”. As soon as “Apply” is hit, the user is back to the main menu to save and share or continue to refine the image.
  • Superimpose filters and effects with thousands of possible variations
  • When the user hits “Apply” button, the new image is automatically set as the base image to receive new filters and effects. All the thumbnails are updated and the user is ready to try new variations over the “new” original image.
  • Multiple levels of interaction
  • The user can do a one click effect and publish on any social network in less than 30 seconds, or spend five to ten minutes refining the image applying multiple effects and frames. Pixerist doesn’t limit the creativity of the user to a few filters and frames.
  • Freedom to save without sharing
Apa Yang Baru :
  • Easter Version
  • New Filter Store ! New free and paid galleries !
  • Filters are faster !
  • Bug Minor Fixed
  • upgrade perform
Download Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk - dengan menggunakan Pixerist Fx Pro ini lu bisa membuat photo yang lu punya diberi efek yang dari biasanya sehingga lu dapat membuat photo lebih bagus dari biasa kenapa?? karena fitur efek Filter nya lebih jos dibanding yang lain. dan efek filter dari Toon , Pop Art, Vintage, Overlayed Colors, Beauty Skin Cleaning effects  banyak yang lain. dan jika ente memang mencari aplikasi photo editor terbaik. saran Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.0.7 Apk

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