AIMP 4.10 Build 1827 Terbaru

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Ruang Berkah -  AIMP 4.10 Build 1827 Terbaru. AIMP adalah salah satu software multi media berbasis freeware atau gratis digunakan oleh anda dan lainnya dari sekian banyak Software multimedia gratis AIMP terbaru ini merupakan salah satu software terbaik menurut saya karena itu fitunya dan Isi dari software AIMP ini. AIMP 4.10 Build 1827 Terbaru merupakan keluaran atau versi terbaru dengan ini pasti akan lebih nyaman dan mantep nih software . kamu dapat download aimp terbaru dari blog ini secara gratis. sengaja saya share bagi kamu yang masih mencari AIMP terbaru ini. monggo gan AIMP 4.10 Build 1827 Terbaru sudah disediakan link dibawah 
Screeshoot :
AIMP terbaru

Download :

Fitur Fitur :
  • Output supports
  • DirectSound / ASIO / WASAPI
  • 18-band equalizer and built-in sound effects
  • Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, Speed, Bass, Enhancer, Voice Remover
  • Great functionality and user-friendly interface
  • Creating bookmarks and playback queue
  • CUE Sheets supports
  • Support for plugins
  • You can add new utils or extend already existing

Yang Baru Dari AIMP :

  • Sound Engine: added support for Wave64 file format (PCM and IEEE_FLOAT codecs are supported)
  • Sound Engine: spectrum data has a logarithmic scale now
  • Sound Engine: spectrum data is now calculates for hearing range of frequencies only (20 Hz – 20 KHz)
  • Playlist: an ability to switch playlist via context menu of the playlist tab
  • UI: Table Elements – changing the sorting direction of column that used in data grouping affects now to groups position too
  • Plugins: Analog Meter – all textures adapted for FullHD screens
  • Fixed: AudioConverter – MP3 – the VBR Header was not stored to the target file
  • Fixed: AudioConverter – MP3 – the Joint Stereo mode is always used if bitrate mode is set to the CBR / ABR
  • Fixed: DSP Manager – volume normalization settings are resets too when reset sound effects settings
  • Fixed: Album Arts – cache manager does not take value of the Year tag field into account
  • Fixed: Player – Internet Radio – the HTML-codes displays instead of human-readable text for some radio stations
  • Fixed: Player – the “0.00 db” value of the ReplayGain field recognized by player as undefined
  • Fixed: Playlist – an error occurs if cancel the input query for name for new playlist during import the file from external application operation
  • Fixed: Skin Engine – TASESpectrumDisplay – column count changes after resize the element
  • Fixed: Skin Engine – window resize rectangle does not snap to monitor edge if taskbar is hidden
  • Fixed: Music Library – the “(show all)” command ignores alphabetic index
  • Fixed: Music Library – filters – the “contains” operator is case sensitive for non-latin characters
  • Small bugs were fixed
Download AIMP 4.10 Build 1827 Terbaru - banyak lah pengguna dari seluruh dunia khususnya di indonesia sudah pake ini software karena memang daleman nih software sudah di lengkapi plugin dan format audio nya banyak sehingga format audio populer seperti mp3 dapat didengar dengan nyaman jadi deh mantep tuh denger musik kesayangan dengan AIMP terbaru ini. semoga software yang share yaitu "AIMP 4.02 Build 1721 Terbaru" dapat bermanfaat dan menjadi berkah buat agan dan buat saya

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